Nov. 1st, 2016 06:01 pm
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Hello! I am gradually having time to gunpla again and I decided to archive my posts here. I have an account with this beautiful username, why not use it right?!

I recently bought an airbrush and compressor and had so far used it once to practice. I painted a bit of a SD Z Gundam and SD G Gundam which are part of a couple of "trash" kits that I experiment everything on. Back when I was experimenting with markers I painted part of the foot but it left some oily marks on it so I thought this was a good time to paint over it!

Mr Color Aqueous Madder Red only

It took a while to get used to the airbrush and I think it'll be difficult getting used to doing many thin coats. It looks pretty good from those photos actually haha I did notice it bled thru some of the masking I did so I have to improve my masking skills it seems. From the second pic it looks pretty great and I'm fairly pleased about it- it's managed to cover the previous markers and the red (just thinned madder red) goes nicely with the rest of the piece. It's definitely made me excited to keep airbrushing some more.. but I'll have to be careful not to airbrush everyhting just because I can because that will be very expensive haha. I'm impressed how little paint it uses each time. Back when I was using an aerosol can it wasted way too much paint which is one of the reasons why I opted to get an airbrush.

After that I did a bit more spraying for my HGUC Banshee and hopefully that will be complete soon! I'll definitely lots of pics of my Banshee WIP next time!

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